Kiwanis Northwest Indianapolis Committees 2014-2015

Administrative Committees – Chairperson Jeff Gambaccini

Bereavement/Sunshine            Doug Stearns
Breakfast                                  Garry Bledsoe
Budget                                      Sue Zobrist, John Barrows
Club Socials                             Lolly Ramey, Diane Richards
Conventions                             Dennis Nichols
Interclub                                   Jerry Beer, Rick Brown
Invocation/Greeter                   Doug Stearns
Membership Directory             Roy Hedeen
Newsletter                                Quinton Lee(Editor) reporter Jack Brockley (need more reporters)
Nominations                             Jeff Gambaccini, Jeff Vessely. Rick Brown
Programs/Speakers                   Roy Hedeen, Dave Riggs, John Shertzer, Tim Schurr
Public Relations                       Tim Shurr, Tonja Stokes
Risk Manager/Safety                Garrett Hedeen
Technology Support                 Jim Jensen, Garrett Hedeen, Tonja Stokes

Membership Committees – Chairperson Roy Hedeen

Historian/Scrapbook                 John Bloom
Membership Recruitment         Roy Hedeen
Membership Retention             John Bloom, Ray Mitchell
New Club Sponsorship             Roy Hedeen

Club Service Efforts – Chairperson Open

Back Pack Attack                     Jeff Gambaccini
College Park Elem School       Phil Weber
Clothe-A-Child                        Mike Hubble
Holiday Caroling                     Steve Spence- Laura Noblitt to assist
Key Club                                 Tom Castelli, Alyssa Chase, Jack Brockley, Michelle Roberson, David Riggs
Key Club Scholarships(3)       Tom Castelli, Jack Brockley, John Shertzer
Special Olympics                     Mike Hubble
Pike Homeless Initiative          Jeff Gambaccini

Fundraising – Chairperson Jeff Vessely

Pass-through Efforts
Eliminate                                   Rick Brown
Salvation Army Red Can          Doug Stearns
Salvation Army Bell Ringing    Bob Meyer (will train new)
Salvatioin Army Radio-thon     Jeff Gambaccini, Ray Mitchell

Service Account Fundraisers
Auction-internal                         Jeff Vessely
Discovery Books                        Tom Hornak
Grocery Certificates                   Roy Hedeen
Riley Raffle Tickets                   Rick Brown

Hoosier Outdoor Experience     Bob Meyer (transition to Laura Noblitt)
Trader’s Point Cyclocross         Tom Hornak
Trader’s Point Horse Show       Mike Hubble, Laura Noblitt, Jeff Vessely
Wine tasting/silent auction        Michelle Roberson, Jim Jensen, Jeff Vessely, Jeff Gambaccini
Zionsville Brick Street Market  Tom Castelli